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With 18 years experience designing, manufacturing and installing fitted custom-built kitchens we have now found that there are many good well designed kitchens with a sound structure in need of a makeover such as new doors, handles, bench-tops, accessories etc.

We have been told on many occasions from people who have damaged, dated and tired looking kitchens that they would love to update their kitchens without the huge expense and upheaval it often involves.

With all this in mind we have decided to offer our knowledge, skills and ability to transform your kitchen into a place you will want to spend lots of time in.
All this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a newly designed and installed kitchen.
Just think about your kitchen with a ‘Nu-Look’ without the major inconvenience a new fitted kitchen brings.

We are not just offering new doors or respraying the old doors in your existing kitchen but also cupboard & bench-top alterations, if that’s what it takes to create that new look – ‘LOOKS-NU KITCHEN’.

About The Process

P_01_06_01_BDpic_08The Process starts with an initial visit in your kitchen to discuss your requirements:

What do you want to achieve: Replacement Doors? Change the Bench-tops? Extra Cabinetry? New Handles?

What can we do for you: Years of Design, Manufacture and Installing Kitchens give us all the experience you need.

Dunedin based we are Your Local Solution.

These are exceptional times for kitchen designs, we have many suppliers of doors, bench-tops, glass etc and we will bring them all together into your kitchen for you the discerning customer.


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