Bench-Tops and Accessories

We have a wide variety of bench-top options available to you including:

Quartz Benchtops.
Made with natural quartz, Viatera surfaces offer unparalleled beauty and extraordinary benefits that exceed those of any other natural stone.

Comprising of 256 colours and 7 pure metals including the latest designs and finishes for a variety of decorative and functional needs.

We can also provide drawer systems, handles, hinges and other accessories.

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Handles & Knobs in all shapes and sizes to enhance your beautiful new doors.
Modern to Antique effect.


Bench-Tops custom made to suit your existing kitchen.
From Laminate to Engineered Stone, Marble to Granite.


Replacement Sinks & Taps / Glass Splash-backs of your choice.


For your Cabinet Interior:- Hinges / Drawers & Cutlery Trays / Basket-ware / Pull Out Pan Drawers / Corner Arrangements / Bins / Extra Shelving.


We can organise Cabinet Lighting / Flooring / Replacement Electrical Appliances.